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Sony stock dips following PS4 announcement


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Following last night's announcement of the PlayStation 4, Sony's stocks have dipped -- not exactly what you hope for following a console reveal. As of the time of this writing, Sony's stock currently sits at $14.08, down 2.70%. It's not a major drop, but you'd expect a console announcement to at least provide a slight boost in investor confidence.

Of course, the slight drop could have something to do with the fact that the actual PS4 hardware wasn't shown -- though Sony did offer a brief look at the system's specs and the new DualShock 4 controller. The company drew major criticism for not having the actual hardware on display, but defended that it was because they want to keep consumers excited. The lack of pricing details or a solid release date could have also affected investors' opinions.

Then again, maybe investors just weren't impressed with what they saw. The majority of the conference consisted of tech demos showing off the capabilities and potential of the PS4. You get the sense that the features shown off were a bit underwhelming which is a bit odd considering Sony's emphasis of a "consumer centric and developer inspired" machine.

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